Premature Evaporation?

Does your disinfectant wipe suffer from...

Premature Evaporation?

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The use of disinfectant wipes is an acknowledged practice in the prevention of infections in hospitals and healthcare facilities around the world. Unfortunately, the requirements for the effective use of most disinfectant chemistries are often very difficult to comply with under real-life conditions. This is particularly true of the contact times listed on label use directions which indicate the length of time that a surface must remain wet with the disinfectant in order to achieve the product's bactericidal and virucidal kill claims.

If your disinfectant wipes leave you dry, your healthcare facility may be left unprotected against the spread of bacteria and viruses. Alternatively, you can use a disinfectant technology that stays wet long enough to satisfy your germicidal requirements—each and every time.


Many disinfectants dry on surfaces before they reach their contact times. If your disinfectant is one of the many, are you achieving disinfection? This video helps explain the misconceptions of compliance as they relate to premature evaporation: