Alternate Care Disinfectant Solutions

PREempt™ Disinfectant Cleaners are designed to meet the needs of alternate care businesses such as respiratory, sleep, ophthalmology, massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathic, and, naturopathic offices and clinics. PREempt™ Disinfectants are powered by the patented Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® (AHP®) technology.

Our Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® (AHP®) technology has been validated by over 40 studies published in reputable journals around the world and recognized by multiple guidelines including Centre for Disease Control (CDC) Guidelines. For more information regarding AHP®, please click here.



Surface Disinfectant Solutions

PREempt™ Surface Disinfectants are designed to protect your staff, patients and business with easy to use disinfectant solutions that are gentle on people, surfaces, and devices. PREempt™ One- Step Surface Disinfectants and Cleaners are ideal for use in many environments including respiratory therapy, sleep clinics, and other alternate care environments where broad-spectrum kill in a short contact time is required. PREempt™ is specifically formulated for cleaning and disinfection of hard non-porous surfaces.

  • Faster Kill Times!  Rapid and realistic contact times (1 to 5 minutes) against a broad spectrum of difficult to kill pathogens such as MRSA, Norovirus, and Mycobacterium (TB)
  • Easy to Use! Does not contain or leave behind toxic chemicals. Designed to be gentle on staff, patients, surfaces, equipment, and devices. Users are not exposed to VOCs (volatile organic compounds). PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is not required with in-use solutions as per the health and safety rating.  
  • A Sustainable Choice! The active ingredient, Hydrogen Peroxide, breaks down into water and oxygen leaving no active residual which helps to reduce environmental impact. 
  • Cleaning is important! Cleaning helps improve disinfection compliance. AHP® is BOTH an effective disinfecting AND cleaning technology, resulting in added confidence that disinfection can occur. 

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PREempt™ Ready-To-Use (RTU) Disinfectant Wipes & Liquid 

Product Information  

  • 1 Minute Virucide, Bactericide, 10 Minute Fungicide, 5 Minute Tuberculocide, 30 Second Sanitizer
  • Wipes Available Sizes: 6" x 7" Wipe Canister
  • RTU Liquid Available Sizes: 32oz Bottle, 1 Gallon Bottle 

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PREempt™ Concentrate Disinfectant 

Product Information  

  • 1:16 @ 5 Minute Bactericide, Fungicide, 1:64 @ 5 Minute Virucide, 1:16 @ 30 Second Sanitizer, 1:128 @ 3 Minute Sanitizer 
  • Concentrate Available Sizes: 1 Gallon Bottle

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Semi-Critical Device Disinfectant Solutions

PreventionHLD8 High Level  Disinfectant is a versatile, ready-to use, fast, safe, oxidative chemistry formulated with biodegradable ingredients. Utilizing the patented Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® (AHP®) technology, Prevention HLD8 High Level Disinfectant eliminates staff and patient exposure hazards associated with legacy high level disinfectant solutions.  

Why use a HLD?

Instruments that come into contact with mucous membranes or non-intact skin increase the risk of transmission of infectious pathogens and require a higher level of care when reprocessing. Examples include CPAP masks, nebulizers, scopes and probes, and speculums.


Prevention™ HLD8 High Level Disinfectant 

Product Information  

  • 8 Minute High Level Disinfectant 
  • HLD Available Sizes: 1 Gallon Bottle

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