PEDv Pooping Pigs Pose Pharaonic Problems!

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In the US since the first case was identified in May 2013, more than 2000 farms in 22 states have been grappling with the virus that has caused the death of at least 1 million baby pigs. The two farms where PEDv has been confirmed have seen almost a 100% mortality of 2 - 5 day old pigs and 15 - 20% mortality with older pigs. If the virus was to spread beyond Ontario, PEDv could cost the Canadian pork industry an estimated $45 Million in losses.

PEDV News Updates

Tests confirm fourth case of deadly pig virus in Ontario: official
CTV News, London

AHP poised to combat PEDv, a deadly and highly contagious pig virus. A deadly and highly contagious pig virus continues to spread across Ontario. Read more

Tests confirm fourth case of deadly pig virus in Ontario

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Disinfectant can stop spread of pig disease, says company

A Plan Published to Deal with PEDV
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Pig-virus vaccine helping to curb deaths in U.S., manufacturer says
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Fifth case of deadly pig virus confirmed on Ontario farm as outbreak spreads
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Pay close attention to biosecurity, Alberta experts advise hog producers
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Online Resources

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Ontario Pork Says Second Case of PEDv Confirmed - Second Ontario Farm Tests Positive for Pig Virus, Third Case is Pending Investigation

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PEDV Update: 5 Confirmed Ontario Farm Cases, 3 Location Confirmations & Vaccine Approvals RealAgriculture News Team

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Recovery of Pig Production After PEDV Infection Takes Months

Fatal Pig Disease Continues to Spread in Minn. 
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U.S. PEDv Cases Jump; One More in SW Ont.
By Reuters,

Spreading to Canada, Pig Disease Shows No Sign of Retreat
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Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea (PED)
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Manitoba's Farms under Threat of PEDv Virus Fatal for Piglets
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Manitoba has first case of pig virus; no risk to humans, other animals
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PEDv suspected on Manitoba hog farm
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Suspected Case of PEDv in Manitoba
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