No Glove No Love?

Is the fear of wearing Personal Protection affecting your compliance?

No Glove
No Love?

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A common misconception concerning a disinfectant's toxicity profile is that all disinfectants are the same. If they kill pathogens, they must be harmful to users and should not be used without personal protection: gloves, goggles and even masks in some instances. Even so, cases of eye injury, headaches and respiratory complaints occur every year resulting in occupational illness and costly claims. While putting on personal protection may continue to be common practice in healthcare facilities, wouldn't it be better if it wasn't required when handling disinfectants? Is it possible to use a disinfectant that is tough on germs but easy on users? Can we not have both?

If your disinfectant wipes require PPE, consider an alternative whose toxicity rating is the lowest in the industry. You may continue to use personal protection but wouldn't it be nice to know you didn't need to?


Many disinfectants pose a risk to the user and require the use of PPE. To protect themselves are staff avoiding the use of these disinfectants? This video helps explain the misconceptions of compliance as they relate to the use of PPE.