Wipes and Disinfectants - The Significance of Appropriate Pairing for Proper Environmental Surface Decontamination

Proper pairing between wipe substrates and disinfectants is crucial to maximize surface decontamination. Various factors, such as the substrate material, manufacturing process and disinfectant chemistry can impact the ability of a disinfectant to work on a surface; an incompatible pairing often has a major negative impact on surface decontamination. The objective of this study was to assess the physical interactions between melt-blown polypropylene (MP), looped microfiber (MF), and cotton terry cloth (TC) and five types of cleaner-disinfectants (0.5 % Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® (AHP®), 0.8 % quat/20 % alcohol, 0.08 % phenol, 0.07 % quat, and 0.65 % bleach). To see details and results from the study, please click on our poster below, which was presented at IPAC Canada 2016.

2016 IPAC Conference Poster Presentation






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