Going Green

Who says Infection Prevention has to be boring?! At Virox, we are passionate about providing education and resources for Infection Prevention & Control in engaging and creative formats. Our monthly campaigns provide you with information on market specific pathogens, cleaning and disinfection protocols, blogs, teleclasses and other fun tools to help you transform your facility into a place that is just as passionate about Infection Prevention as we are!


When it comes to GREEN, things aren't always black and white!

We all care about our planet and want to do our part to protect the environment. In honour of Earth Day, we invite you to explore our “Green” resources, dispelling the myths of “Green Cleaning” and helping you make informed decisions about the chemicals you use day in and day out.


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We believe claims of product environmental preferability should be validated by credible third party certification. Today, we have multiple Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® (AHP®) product lines that meet both industry and government requirements to be labelled a “green” product. To find out more, visit our AHP®’s role in Environmental Responsibility page

 Why Choose AHP_ShortLogo_CMYK_reg_PAT.png?

AHP® Disinfectants are One-Step Disinfectant Cleaners

  • AHP® has proven cleaning efficacy resulting in lower costs and faster results as well as added confidence that disinfection can occur

    AHP® Disinfectants 
    provide the perfect balance between safety and efficacy
  • AHP® provides a HMIS rating of "0", meaning it has been proven to be non-toxic, non-irritating to eyes and skin and non-skin sensitizing and does not require the use of personal protective equipment to handle

    AHP® Disinfectants are Environmentally Sustainable
  • AHP's active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide, breaks down into water and oxygen leaving no active residues
  • AHP® does not contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) or other chemicals that will negatively impact indoor air quality

    AHP® Disinfectants have Realistic Contact Times
  • Short contact times ensure surfaces remain wet for the required contact time, providing comfort and confidence that disinfection has occurred