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Learn how to optimize your cleaning and disinfection protocols in your cannabis facility. From 'How to select the ideal disinfectant' to 'Considerations for developing your infection prevention program' and everything in between, we've got you covered!
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This guide includes:


Basics of cleaning and disinfection


7 steps to optimize your infection prevention


How to select the ideal disinfectant


Commonly used disinfectant chemistries


10 common disinfection mistakes


Considerations for developing your infection prevention program

Recognized by

“This disinfection guide is a valuable tool to have in every cannabis quality professional's toolbox.”

Sacha Hockenhull
Head of the C45 Association

"SHYIELD is an excellent tool in any Licensed Producers toolbox. It is tough on microbes and biofilm but gentle on clean area surfaces and most importantly, your employees. The disinfection guide provides a great foundation for a proactive and effective sanitation program." 

Jarred Marsh
Licensed Producer Consultant at CCS Green

"As a designer and builder of cannabis facilities, I always like having helpful information to share with my clients which will help get them the rest of the way to their licensing. This booklet is a great head-start for new or existing growers from a very credible source.”

George Dickinson
Co-Founder & Consultant of Growhaus Projects (formerly known as CannaPro)

"In recommending disinfectants, as cannabis consultants, our primary interest is ensuring a clean growing environment free of pathogenic microbes; with SHYIELD the added bonuses come in that it is incredibly safe for staff, it requires less time for unmatched efficacy, and it so versatile, allowing for its use in so many situations -- a must-have tool in your sanitation toolbox."

Av Singh
Cannabis Cultivation Advisor at Flemming & Singh Cannabis Inc

“Sanitation is without question an integral aspect of the cannabis industry, which is why it continues to be such a critical component of our Cannabis – Management, Quality and Edibles Diploma program at AAPS.

Working with SHYIELD has helped us provide students with industry-standard knowledge related to proper sanitation, and a better understanding of the important role it plays in meeting compliance with regulatory standards. With information and industry knowledge that is both valuable and easily accessible, SHYIELD has truly simplified the process of implementing an effective sanitation program within a cannabis facility at all levels.

Beyond the contributions SHYIELD has made to the educational experience, AAPS Consulting is often asked for product recommendations when companies are developing their sanitation program. Virox is always at the top of our list as they provide not only great products but also great service, with an amazing team of professionals that will help guide you along the way.”

Conor Purdon
Program Advisor (Cannabis) at AAPS

We have been using SHYIELD in our extraction facility for some time. The SHYIELD team has been with us right from the start and they are always available for support when needed. Not only do they have exceptional disinfectants, but they also have a team of experts that assisted us throughout implementation, including SOP development. The outcome for us was an optimized program that ensures efficiency and passing results. I highly recommend SHYIELD to any Licensed Producer in the industry.

Nav Sidhu
Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs at Motif Labs