Disinfection Dysfunction

Who says Infection Prevention has to be boring?! At Virox, we are passionate about providing education and resources for Infection Prevention & Control in engaging and creative formats. Our monthly campaigns provide you with information on market specific pathogens, cleaning and disinfection protocols, blogs, teleclasses and other fun tools to help you transform your facility into a place that is just as passionate about Infection Prevention as we are!


Got Disinfection Dysfunction?

Is your disinfectant safe for users and the environment?

Does your disinfectant’s label have misleading claims?

Does your disinfectant cause cross contamination?

Does your disinfectant dry before it’s time?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your product might just have Disinfection Dysfunction! Treat your Dwell Time Disease, Label Deficit Disorder, Safety Indifference Syndrome, and Cross Contamination Conundrum symptoms with our new and engaging resources!



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Tired of having Disinfection Dysfunction?

Our patented Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® (AHP®) technology is represented under various product names. Find out which products best fit your needs by visiting our Product Page 

Is your disinfectant suffering from Safety Indifference Syndrome?

  • AHP® Disinfectants provide the perfect balance between safety and efficacy. AHP® disinfectants are non-toxicand non-irritating to eyes and skin at the in-use dilution and are environmentally preferred.

Does your disinfectant have symptoms of Dwell Time Disease?

  • AHP® Disinfectants have realistic contact times ensuring surfaces remain wet for the required contact time,providing comfort and confidence that disinfection has occurred

Does your disinfectant have Label Deficit Disorder?

  • All AHP® Disinfectant label claims have been validated by credible third party laboratories. 

Does your disinfectant cause Cross Contamination?

  • AHP® Disinfectants utilize non-ionic surfactants that help in preventing redeposition of soils that have beenlifted off the surface.