Disinfection Dysfunction?

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Disinfection Dysfunction?

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Observation of current wipe disinfection practices in busy healthcare facilities has revealed that surfaces tend to be wiped once and then left to air dry. In a recent study* testing dry times against label contact times, only one disinfectant technology achieved the requisite wet time using this approach. In all other cases, the disinfectant dissipated or evaporated short of the contact time indicated on the label, requiring re-application (in some cases multiple re-applications) in order to achieve compliance.

If your wipe disinfection practice does not include multiple applications to achieve the requisite wet times, you may be leaving your healthcare facility open to HAIs. Alternatively, you can use a technology that can achieve effective "one and done" bactericidal and virucidal performance with every application.

*See Theoretical and Experimental Aspects of Microbicidal Activities of Hard Surface Disinfectants: Are Their Label Claims Based on Testing Under Field Conditions? Dr. Navid Omidbakhsh PhD, JOURNAL OF AOAC INTERNATIONAL VOL. 93, NO. 6, 2010


To achieve disinfection, most disinfectants require multiple applications. How confident are you that this is getting done? This video helps explain the misconceptions of compliance as they relate to disinfection dysfunction: