Selection of the Ideal Disinfectant

Selection of the ideal disinfectant can prevent patients and staff contracting infectious diseases. When it comes to selecting a disinfectant product there are multiple questions that should be considered.

  1. Kill & Contact Time: Is the disinfectant effective against a broad-spectrum of organisms (such as Norovirus)? Does the disinfectant have realistic contact times (5 minutes or less)?

  2. Cleaning Ability: Is the disinfectant effective in the presence of soil? Do you require a seperate detergent to clean first before you can disinfect?

  3. Safety Profile: It's easy to make a disinfectant that kills, but hard to develop a disinfectant that kills pathogens while being safe for users and occupants. Is the disinfectant irritating to eyes? Skin? Does it require special protective equipment for staff to don while using the product?

  4. Compatibility Profile: Is the disinfectant safe for most common materials and devices?

  5. Environmental Profile: Is the disinfectant safe for the environment? Does it contribute to pathogen resistance?

The Reality

  • One product for all surfaces and devices does not exist in your home, nor does it exist in healthcare.

  • No disinfectant chemistry is compatible with 100% of all surfaces or devices.

  • Compromises should be made when choosing cleaning and disinfecting products.

AHP Approvals

Access to a complete list of materials that have been validated for use with our AHP Disinfectant Technology.