Insights are the capacity to discern the true nature of a situation

The world of disinfectant product usage can be a confusing one. There are so many disinfectants out there and too much information, all pointing you in different directions. The reality is, the healthcare environment is a busy place, where the tools are given (in the form of hospital grade disinfectants) but there is simply not enough time to sort through all the details. The list of possible questions can get quite extensive depending on the situation.

Our goal will be to make your AHP disinfectant product experience easier. We will take the technical and make it un-technical – keeping it simple and straight forward. As we go along, we invite you to participate in conversations and provide suggestions on what topics you would like to know more about keeping it relevant, relatable and fun!

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Dispelling the myths of chemical disinfectants for Surfaces, Devices & Hands!

Welcome to the TALK CLEAN TO ME blog! A place where Lee Nesbitt and Nicole Kenny – here after referred to as the CLEAN FREAKS hope to clear away the haze of smoke and mirrors marketing, unravel the mysteries of disinfectant development and registration, expound the virtues in reading product labels and using disinfectants correctly, investigate the role the environment plays on infection transmission and basically educate the world or better yet the universe on everything and anything there is to do with disinfectants. 

The Talk Clean To Me blog is posted once a week on Fridays. To view the blog, visit http://talkcleantome.blogspot.ca/.

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