Webber Teleclass education provides the best possible infection prevention

information, to the widest audience, with the fewest barriers to access.


  • Travel Related Infectious Disease  Travel Related Infectious Disease 

  • Food Safety Culture  Food Safety Culture from Farm to Fork

  • Norovirus Outbreak  Norovirus Outbreaks - Issues and Interventions


How do you properly clean and disinfect surfaces to ensure your Holiday season is

kept Merry and Bright?  Our present to you is a shiny, new protocol – unwrap it here.


  • Cleaning and Disinfection Protocol for Bacteria   Cleaning and Disinfection Protocol for Bacteria

    Cleaning and Disinfection Protocol for Enveloped Viruses   Cleaning and Disinfection Protocol for Enveloped Viruses

    Cleaning and Disinfection Protocol for Non-Enveloped Viruses   Cleaning and Disinfection Protocol for Non-Enveloped Viruses


Our fact sheets contain everything you need to know about these

pathogens that will make you feel like Scrooge this Christmas Season

  • Cold and Flu Fact Sheet   Cold and Flu

  • Gastroenteritis Fact Sheet   Gastroenteritis

    Herpes Fact Sheet   Cold Sores


Did you forget to pick up your holiday Christmas cards this year?

Don’t worry, we have you covered!


Germy Christmas Cards

Infection Prevention and Control Christmas Card Card 1

Infection Prevention Control Christmas Card Card 2

Infection Prevention and Control Christmas Card Card 3


Download and print off these FREE posters to spread awareness about Antibiotic Resistance!

Disinfectant Accelerated hydrogen Peroxide   Germs travel too

Disinfectant Accelerated hydrogen Peroxide   Planning a getaway?

Disinfectant Accelerated hydrogen Peroxide   Do you know what's on your bag?


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  • Infection Prevention Resource   “I don’t want a lot for Christmas, there’s just one thing I need...” 

  • Holiday Celebrating Microbes   Holiday Madness & Celebrating Microbes 

  • Infection Prevention Resource   All I want for christmas...

  • Virox Insights Blog Christmas Germs   Spread Christmas cheer... Not Christmas Germs.

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